Winning in WON Equestrian: Ansley Wright

Winning in WON Equestrian: Ansley Wright

Ansley Wright joined the WON Equestrian family as an Ambassador during the 2023 Winter Equestrian Festival, where she jumped her first FEI U25 classes with her longtime mount, Diamanto JTZ. In December, she and "Monto" also finished fourth in the #1 Education Place National Grand Prix in Wellington.

Ansley recently completed her freshman year at the University of California, Davis, where she is a member of the Aggies' NCEA Division 1 Jumping Seat Equestrian Team. A veteran of the USEF Medal Finals, ASPCA Maclay National Championships and USEF Junior Jumper National Championships, Ansley will represent Zone 4 at the 2023 North American Youth Championships (NAYC) in Traverse City, MI this summer. 

"I really enjoy riding in my WON breeches. They are extremely comfortable when riding, as they are thin without feeling too revealing. I also love the various pockets, deep pockets, and the phone pockets," Wright says.

She shared more about her brand favorites with WON Equestrian Founder, Rachel Geiger Barker:

How do you like to style your WON breeches?

I like to wear them with either a sun shirt or school gear, an elastic belt, and fun socks.

Do you consider them rain breeches or suited for all weather conditions?

I have worn my WON breeches in cold weather, rainy weather, and extremely hot weather. They are amazing in all weather types. They stay dry and clean in any situation, from jumping the Grand Prix to riding my bike to practice in the pouring rain after class.

What is your favorite feature or attribute of the WON breeches?

My favorite feature is the phone pocket in the back.

What’s your go to color of WON breeches?

My favorite color for everyday riding is the black. I think it looks sleek and I try to save the other colors for the show ring.

What has surprised you about the WON breeches?

They are very lightweight in the heat, especially the black and tan are not too heavy.

What does the fabric feel like in your opinion?

The breeches have a more comfortable material than many in how lightweight they are. They do not feel like rain coat material at all.

How is the customer service experience?

Rachel has been amazing and so sweet to me and my family! I am so happy to work with WON Equestrian. When I ordered the wrong size, I got an exchange so quickly and easily. The customer service has been great.

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