Winning in WON Equestrian: Brooke Mostman

Winning in WON Equestrian: Brooke Mostman

Amateur rider Brooke Mostman is climbing the ranks in the Medium and High Amateur Jumper divisions. Riding on both coasts of the country, she has weathered every element in her WONs, from west coast heat to an Ocala, FL deluge.
"The WON breeches have quickly become my favorite," Brooke says. "They feel like leggings but look very professional and stylish. They are incredibly flattering, on and off the horse. I find that other breeches can stretch, loosen, and wrinkle around my hips and legs, but my WON breeches stay form fitted, no matter the activity."

How do you like to style your WON breeches?

I typically wear a bright-colored schooling shirt or black show shirt with my WONs. If I’m going out with friends and don’t have time to change, I make sure to wear my WONs with a cute sweater or T-shirt.

Do you consider them rain breeches or suited for all weather conditions?

Living in California means rainy days are few and far between, but the WON breeches are lightweight and breathable, making them perfect for long, hot summer days.

What is your favorite feature or attribute of the WON breeches?

The material of the pants is comfortable but also keeps the breeches clean throughout the day. I can spill grain on my pants and with one wipe, no one would know. My whites come out of the wash looking brand new for every ride. These are the only breeches I’ve found that are able to resist saddle stains!

What’s your go-to color of WON breeches?

This is an impossible question! The black breeches are the top of my list for schooling days. The tan are perfect for showing, and I’ll never walk into a jumper classic or Grand Prix without my bright white WONs.

What has surprised you about the WON breeches?

I was surprised how easily the WON breeches stretch. Whether it’s bending down to pick hooves or squatting to paint a jump, I never feel restricted in my movement. With other breeches, I’ve popped my fair share of seams and stitching, but I never worry in my WONs.

I was also surprised how deep and stretchy the pockets are. The third pocket in the back is perfect for holding my phone while riding.

Do you find them easy to work in when in the barn?

These breeches are ideal for daily barn tasks like bathing and grooming. I’ve spilled watery grain on them and had it wipe right off. I have even gotten paint on the pants, and it left no trace. I love to play with the barn dogs and let them jump on me. Even muddy paw prints easily dust off.

How do they feel in the heat?

WON breeches are incredibly breathable, and I’m yet to leave a sweat mark. Even in 100+ degrees, I feel as comfortable as anyone can be in the heat.

What does the fabric feel like in your opinion? 

The breeches feel similar to leggings. The inside has a silky texture, and the elastic on the waistband is strong without becoming uncomfortable or leaving marks. The zipper also stays up completely, which is not common for riding breeches.

Do you like the grip on the knee patch?

I think the grip design on the knee patch is cute and well-placed. I always feel very secure in my WONs and can actually notice the grip.

How is the customer service experience?

The customer service is impeccable. I had to exchange my first order for a different size and the reply to my email was almost instant. Packages also arrived with adorable cards with sweet notes on them that can be planted to grow flowers. 

I’ve had a great experience working with WON. Rachel is friendly, involved, and down to earth. I feel very fortunate to be able to support and represent such a great business and community-oriented brand.

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