Winning in WON Equestrian: Francesca Moore

Winning in WON Equestrian: Francesca Moore

Francesca Moore keeps busy in her WONs, catch riding a variety of sale horses with CB Equestrian, based out of Harwich, MA and Wellington, FL. 

"I love my WON breeches. Their comfortable and light material stands out against that of other 'all-weather' breeches, making it easy to wear them all day at the barn," Francesca says. "They don’t feel bulky or slippery, and have a sleek look and design worthy of the show ring!"

She shares more:

How do you like to style your WON breeches?

I like to wear them as show breeches, with my show-shirt and jacket. The beige and white pairs are perfect for that look.

Do you consider them rain breeches or suited for all weather conditions?

As someone from Florida who has to deal with heavy amounts of rain, I definitely think of them more as rain breeches and tend to use them primarily for those conditions. However, they are comfortable enough to easily be worn in hot and dry weather, and I think the whites, with their double layer would be insulated enough for the cold.

What is your favorite feature or attribute of the WON breeches?

I love the horse-head design on the knee patches and logo! It is so cute and a lovely touch for an equestrian. 

What has surprised you about the WON breeches?

I was definitely surprised at how comfortable they are. You don’t often expect water- or mud-proof breeches to be as light-feeling as they are.

Do you find them easy to work in when in the barn? 

I feel very free to move around in them while doing all sorts of barn work.

How do they feel in the heat?

They are quite breathable, making it easy to sweat in without feeling like you are “cooking,” so to speak!



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