Winning in WON Equestrian: Megan McDermott

Winning in WON Equestrian: Megan McDermott


WON Ambassador Megan McDermott has quite the resume. The 28-year-old professional is a five-star Grand Prix champion and is bringing up an exciting group of young horses. After trying a pair of WON Equestrian's Stay Dry Breeches in 2023, she excitedly became a brand Ambassador. 

"I’ve always struggled to find breeches that I like. The balance between style, quality, and comfort is apparently nearly impossible in equestrian apparel," Megan says. "Somehow WON Equestrian nailed the trifecta. The breeches are chic, minimalist, and classic—in my opinion, exactly what a breech should be. There's no weird piping, labels, or unnecessary detailing. WON breeches honor the traditional equestrian style while also incorporating modern elements- like the quality fabric.

"Most importantly, they’re comfortable. The shape is ideal for riders’ bodies, and the waistline hits just right—not too low or too high (We all know the struggle of trying to jump when your pant waistline is hitting you in the exact wrong place!)," Megan adds. "They hug in the right places to be not only flattering but functional; the pockets can actually fit a phone, the fabric is flexible and moves with you, and the grip provides the appropriate [stick] in the saddle."

Hear more from Megan:

How do you like to style your WON breeches?

I love to style a pair of black breeches. I'll pair my WONs with a black long sleeve zip-up high neck shirt. If it's particularly cool outside, I'll add a black coat or sweater.

When I'm showing outside of FEI or a grand prix, I wear my beige breeches and pair them with a beige shirt with a white collar; and a green or black show coat with gold buttons.

When I'm showing in my whites, I pair them with a white or black shirt with a white collar; and a green, sand or black show coat with gold buttons. 

I always pair my breeches with accessories: black socks; a black or brown belt with gold buckle; and a hat or sunglasses.

What is your favorite feature or attribute of WON breeches?

My favorite thing about WON breeches is probably their overall style: It’s SO hard to find breeches that are flattering and don’t have ugly and distracting detailing. WON breeches are sleek, stylish, and clean looking. They fit the rider body type and look modern and trendy while still remaining traditional and professional for all rings.

What’s your go to color of WON breeches?

For everyday wear, I also go to my black WONs. But I love the whites as well: They are a thicker material than the other colors, because they’re more lined. The fabric is a little tighter, and they take a wear to two to “break in,” but they show NOTHING - no lines, no anything- and I find them even more comfortable.

What has surprised you about the WON breeches?

What surprises me about the WON breeches is how easy they are to clean! The black and beige pairs are simple light wash, but the whites are really incredible. ALL other white breeches require tons of wash cycles, multiple stain removers, full bottles of spray 'n wash, and repeated soaking to get out just basic saddle stains, whereas the WON whites generally return to pristine whiteness after a normal amount of spray 'n wash and one wash cycle. It blows my mind, every single time.

Do you find them easy to work in when in the barn?

WON breeches are great in the barn. The material makes bathing, clipping, brushing, and getting dirty much less stressful. Normal dirt, hair, shavings, etc. will bush off easily without sticking or staining, and water doesn’t seep through immediately.

What does the fabric feel like in your opinion?

WON breeches are hella comfortable. It’s not like wearing rain pants; they’re slim, lightweight, and elastic. They’re more like all-weather running leggings, an athletic elastic non-cotton material. They’re not slick or nylon-feeling!

They're obviously great in the rain, but they are also fantastic in the heat. The material is breathable and lightweight; you have great protection from UV rays without feeling suffocated or stuffy.

How is the customer service experience?

I am SO happy to work with WON. Just knowing these breeches exist is so exciting, but getting to be a brand Ambassador is truly a dream come true! The customer service is incredible - extremely responsive, speedy, and helpful. Rachel is an incredible human and I am overjoyed to be involved with her and her incredible brand! 

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