Winning in WON Equestrian: Morgan Johnston

Winning in WON Equestrian: Morgan Johnston

USEA Area II event rider Morgan Johnston has brought WON Equestrian's Stay Dry Breeches to the cross-country course. Based out of Virginia, the amateur rider and her mount Peter Pan continue to build their partnership in all three phases at rated events across the DMV.

"I am quite impressed by the comfort, quality, and innovation of WON breeches," Morgan says. "These breeches are of the highest quality with attention to detail that rivals top brands."

Read more on what Morgan has to say about WON Equestrian:

How do you like to style your WON breeches?

I usually style my WON breeches with a quarter zip sun shirt or my WON t-shirt and a wide belt for schooling. Now that the weather here in Virginia has begun to change, I also add a vest or a Barbour jacket and wool socks under my boots. I cannot wait for WON to come out with more colors and matching shirts.

Do you consider them rain breeches or suited for all weather conditions? 

These breeches can be comfortably worn in any weather, rain or shine! They are moisture wicking and dirt and stain resistant, making them perfect to beat the heat (or the mud).

What is your favorite feature or attribute of the WON breeches?

The back zipper phone pocket is my favorite feature of these breeches.

What’s your go to color of WON breeches?

I am a classic girl, so tan all the way!

What has surprised you about WON breeches?

I was pleasantly surprised by how light and breathable the fabric is. I was initially worried it could be heavy, like rain jacket material, but the technical fabric is very nice and easy to move in.

Do you find them easy to work in when in the barn?

These breeches are stain resistant, so they are great for grooming and other dirty tasks around the barn. The fabric is light, airy and easy to move in, but it is also high quality, with good structure. These are great for bathing: They’re water proof!

What does the fabric feel like in your opinion?

These are some of the most comfortable breeches that I own! I love the fabric. It does not feel anything like rain jacket material: You wouldn’t even know they were waterproof until you get them wet—the water just beads right off!

How is the customer service experience?

The customer service has been amazing. Rachel is so sweet! 

I am so excited to work with WON and become a part of the team. I am lucky to be a part of such a cutting edge apparel company, and I am grateful that they have entrusted me to represent the brand.
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